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Contek Systems Ltd, Aberdeen, UK

Control engineering consultant for the oil and gas industry. Process control, de-bottlenecking, compressors, slugging and control system PID tuning.

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Contek Systems Ltd,
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Try my well-known Process Identification and PID Tuning package U-Tune.

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I have written several tutorials on the practicalities of process control.

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Welcome to Contek Systems
Contek Systems Ltd was formed in 2002 to provide the specialist process control consultancy services of John Greene to the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industries. Please take some time to browse through my technical articles, information and control engineering products.
Control engineering consultancy means far more than just loop tuning. Much of my work results in increased production, reduced flaring, cleaner produced water and other financially measurable benefits. This is achieved by understanding plant operations as well as the theoretical aspects of control engineering.

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Process control consultancy
I have developed several products to support my process control work. Some of these products are available free of charge or for a reasonable and competitive price. Others are only for the benefit of my consultancy clients.

Check through the screenshots and product descriptions (click the menu button). If you require any further information, please contact me.

Control engineering products
Documents and Tutorials
With over 25 years experience in the process control business, I know that the application of the control engineering theory is not always straightforward. While there are many excellent beginner tutorials available on the web, I've produced several documents and articles which attempt to tackle some of the practicalities of the theory. Hopefully, these will be useful for designers, operators, control engineers, instrument engineers or technicians.

Please check back from time to time as more tutorials will be added as time permits.

I've also included some helpful links, primarily related to process control. 

Process control tutorials and documents