Process control consultant  

Contek Systems Ltd, Aberdeen, UK

Control engineering consultant for the oil and gas industry. Process control, de-bottlenecking, compressors, slugging and control system PID tuning.

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Contek Systems Ltd,
Shampher Cottage,
AB31 6NN

+44  (0)1330 850598

Try my well-known Process Identification and PID Tuning package U-Tune.

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See my FREE tuning calculator.

Download here.

I have written several tutorials on the practicalities of process control.

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Check back from time to time. New articles will be added as time permits.
Note: emails can be accessed offshore - telephones can't!
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Contact details for Contek Systems
Enquiries for my services are welcomed both within the UK and abroad, and I can be contacted at the addresses or phone number shown below.

Please bear in mind that I am frequently offshore and therefore may be unable to take telephone calls. If you are having any difficulties reaching me, please send an email or leave a message, which I will answer as soon as possible.

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    John Greene

    Contek Systems Ltd
    Shampher Cottage
    AB31 6NN


Phone Number


    Tel: +44 (0)1330 850598

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